Academic Intervention

In Seeds, we believe that your child has the potential for success and significance. We understand that each child’s learning is different. We have various intervention programmes to support students with weak reading ability or numeracy difficulty.


Seeds’ approach is highly diagnostic and prescriptive in nature as student’s learning patterns and strengths are first assessed and appropriate teaching strategies are then employed to facilitate effective learning.


  • Reading Support Programme
    Seeds Reading Support Programme has helped many children acquire essential and foundational skills in reading since 2004. The approaches we use to develop reading skills are based on current research in Reading and Brain-compatible methods.
  • Math Support Programme
    It is a comprehensive and effective remedial Math program, not centered on a ‘skill and drill’ approach but rather a multi-sensory approach.
  • Literacy Bravo
    This Literacy Bravo program is designed for children who display poor organizational writing skills and comprehension skills.
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