After School Club

We aim to:

  • provide a safe and conducive environment for the students to grow and learn
  • develop confidence and skills for life in our students
  • coach and supervise students in their school academic work
  • encourage positive learning and behavioural attitudes in students
  • encourage parents’ involvement in the education of their children

Some of the programmes:

  • Homework/Coaching
    Provides at least an hour for homework completion. If your child does not have homework, he/she will be given some revision work in assessment books . On top of this, the teachers will test them in their school spelling.
  • It’s News to Me
    Sharing of news articles  to encourage the children to share their ideas and opinions and to be knowledgeable and discerning news reader.
  • Fit Brain
    Activities like puzzles, games and quizzes to improve the children’s logic skills and have fun.
  • Literature Appreciation – Children will engage in poetry, rhymes and story books  that are not only fun and enjoyable but will also broaden their understanding, knowledge and vocabulary
  • Science Exploration
    Fun, easy and educational experiments  to instill a love of Science in the children.
  • Character First
    A programme that enables your child to grow into future leaders with positive character qualities.
  • Sharing and Journal Time
    The children gather together to share a positive experience from their day which will give the teachers the opportunity to know the children better, respond to their varying needs