Math Programme

All our individualized Math programmes are conducted in a small group to provide the opportunity for personal attention and effective instructional help by our experienced teachers. Seeds different Math programmes will allow the students to progress at their own pace to boost their academic achievement.

  • Concept Math
    This course is for children from 4 years old. This is a preparatory class for Primary 1. Students will learn important mathematical concepts systematically through manipulative, pictorial, and abstract reasoning skills. In addition, they will be taught to understand and attempt basic mathematical language and number stories.
  • Math Gym
    This programme is for primary 1 to 3 students. It is based on the latest MOE Mathematics syllabus. Concepts for the various topics will be taught before students attempt non-routine, challenging and structured/long answered questions. Students will be taught how to present answers in a clear and concise manner through effective use of models and number statements. Through this course, students will gain familiarity and confidence in the solving of commonly tested problem sums, including non-routine questions.
  • Math Busters
    Students in this course is from primary 4 to primary 6. Students will learn to use different problem-solving strategies and heuristics to handle a wide range of challenging problems and develop high-order thinking skills. Speed Math shortcuts will be taught to enable students to solve difficult questions faster.
  • Step-up Math (Foundation Building):
    The aim of this program is to cater to the weaker students who require intensive foundation building in Mathematical topics. It has a small class size of 3. It is a topical mastery program with regular revision practice. It is a bridging course for students to prepare for our Math Gym  or Math Busters classes and ultimately be ready for school examinations.
  • Secondary Math
    It is an individualized Math programme that caters to students from both IP and Express stream. The students in the programme have done well under the tutelage of our experienced and responsible teachers. Lessons are conducted in a small group of four.