Reading Programme

Our individualized reading programmes have been proven to help children acquire necessary reading skills so that they can read with confidence and good intonation. It has a small class size of 6 students which lead to more one-on-one attention from the teacher. it also enables the teachers to tailor instruction more individually. The reading programmes are suitable for any age, depend upon the ability of the students.


Early Readers

This is a beginner module for students who have limited or no exposure to Phonics. It enables them to build strong letter sound foundation, create phonemic awareness and enhance letter writing skills.

Students will be exploring the wonders of the alphabet world through songs, stories, rhymes and hands-on activities.

Young Readers

This course is divided into 2 modules designed for students who have good knowledge of all the letters-sound and firm letter formation.

  • Module 1
    In this module, students combined the individual letter sounds into two or three letter words; cat, mat, peg, fog, etc. Students will also be taught common sight words. Upon completion of module 1, students will be able to read short stories and construct sentences.
  • Module 2
    This module is appropriate for students who have good knowledge of the components in module 1. Upon completion of this module the students will be able to read with good intonation, confidence and understanding. The students will also acquire the ability to spell well.

English Workshop

This is a primary preparation class to master the technical components of the written English language. Grammar, vocabulary and punctuation will be taught systematically and topically. The students will also work on their comprehension skills and simple writing skills.