Holiday Programme

The holiday programmes seek to provide our students a head-start by introducing and laying the foundation of the new topics and concepts that they will encounter in the new school term.

HeadStart Bootcamp (Primary 1 to Primary 6)

A programme carefully designed for students to get a head-start by learning new semester syllabus during the school holidays.

By doing so, students can form a firm foundation of conceptual understanding of the new topics. When their academic semester starts, they will then have a strong basis to build on, to further strengthen their understanding and applications, and be more ready to tackle the more challenging questions.

Subjects available are English, Mathematics and Sciences.

Primary 1 Preparatory Class

Our Primary 1 Preparatory Class opens for Kindergarten 2 students to equip them in English and Mathematics for their formal school education in Primary 1.  In the English lessons, the students will be taught grammar, vocabulary  and comprehension skills. They will also attempt to write short compositions.

The Math lessons will greatly enhance the Kindergarten 2 students in their understanding of the Mathematical concepts.

The programme will commence in the month of October. Please refer to the schedule for the start dates and course details.

Moving from Model Drawing to Algebra

Algebra is the foundation of many topics in the Secondary Math syllabus. This course helps the primary 6 students to transit smoothly to Secondary level Math. Students will be taught essential concepts to engage with essential Secondary 1 mathematical topics such as Prime Numbers, Real Numbers, Integers, HCF & LCM using prime factorization, Algebra & Algebraic Equations and the various applications of scientific calculators.

At the end of the programme, students will acquire the required knowledge and concepts to solve basic questions in these topics, hence preparing themselves early and ahead of their peers. Our Secondary 1 Preparatory Math class is conducted over 6 weeks.