‘Zootopia Carnival’

‘Zootopia Carnival’ was our theme for 2016’s Family Day event held at Mountbatten Community Club on 8th August 2016.

The carnival saw our children and parents coming in, wearing their beautifully crafted hats, and showcasing their creativity as they participated in our Fancy Hat Competition.

To welcome everyone, we kick-started the carnival with the ‘Chicken Dance’ and then it was game time! It was great soaking up the atmosphere of the carnival spirit with games like Stomping Elephants, Where’s My Hoop, Roll and Bowl, Lion’s Den, Squirrel’s Treasure and Catch of the Day, just to name a few.

Everyone was testing their skills moving from one game to another and a few winning special prizes such as plush toys. The intoxicating aroma of popcorn also wafted throughout the hall, making many make a bee-line to the popcorn cart. It was an enjoyable, fun-filled morning with so many happy faces.

zootopia-2 zootopia-3

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